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Our Philosophy

Belize is built on the philosophy of crafted collections for everyday dressing, carefully uniting the mundane and the exquisite in our daily ritual. Specializing in travel dressing we create modern, wearable pieces that encourage individuality, and maintain relevance and quality over time. Belize is not concerned with promoting quick or short-term trends, instead we are focused on building long lasting designs that evolve with our wearers.

Fabrication, production and aftercare are central concerns, and designers and founders Valeska Duetsch and Fiona Bansal constantly evolve their understanding on sustainability and aftercare in how they create Belize pieces. Based in studios in Berlin and London respectively they employ all the modern methods available in communication and online development in their working process.

Collaborating with small, specialised factories and craftspeople to develop, grow and learn together. Relying on the very best Italian crepes, cottons and swim fabrics, hand woven Indian cloths, and English printers to give each Belize garment credibility and longevity.